"We hebben gebruik gemaakt van de diensten van Executives Online bij de externe werving en selectie voor een nieuwe Manager Marketing Communicatie en Coöperatie. Inzichtelijk proces, goede communicatie, afspraken nakomen en de kwaliteit van de kandidaten hebben geleid tot een bevredigend en succesvol resultaat. Om deze redenen zullen we graag opnieuw een toekomstige samenwerking aangaan voor de ondersteuning met de aanwerving voor vast personeel in schaarse functies op het gebied van Marketing, Communicatie, Financiële professionals of Human Resources."

Sabine Egberts
HR adviseur, Rabobank Amstel en Vecht

"Graag zou ik hierbij Executives Online aanbevelen. We waren op zoek naar een General Manager voor een internationaal opererende industriële groep. EO nam de tijd om de opdracht en de specifieke vereisten goed te begrijpen. Er zijn uitsluitend kandidaten gepresenteerd die voldoen aan onze specificaties. Vervolgens is er met succes samengewerkt tot het aangaan van het contract met de door ons gekozen kandidaat."

Bob Saunders
Managing Director, BRUSH HMA B.V.

"We have worked with Executives Online and Edwin Glas a number of times over the past few years. We would like to thank Edwin personally for his effort in providing relevant candidates for Expedition, organisation of interviews in different countries and sometimes even overseas and what is most important for us within the required timescale. We appreciate the caliber of their work and their willingness to do whatever it takes to get the results required is why we keep going back to them."

Olga Grassler
Head of International Business Development at Expedition

"Een aantal jaar geleden was ik op zoek naar een nieuwe uitdaging. Executives Online was een van de bureaus waarmee ik in gesprek was. Onderscheidend vond ik de kwaliteit van het interviewgesprek. Indrukwekkend hoe goed ze keken naar mij als persoon èn de match voor een functie bij een van hun opdrachtgevers. Toen ik kandidaten zocht voor een moeilijk in te vullen positie bij Steelcase, heb ik direkt contact opgenomen met Executives Online met de zekerheid dat ze kandidaten selecteren en interviewen voor een perfekte match. Ook belangrijk voor deze rol was dat we ook wilden werven op de Belgische markt. Een ander voordeel van Executives Online is dat ze ook in België een eigen netwerk hebben. Ze hebben zeer effectief een uitstekende kandidaat voor ons gevonden. Inmiddels hebben we een succesvolle samenwerking achter de rug met talentvolle starters."

R. Schouten
Operations Manager Benelux, Steelcase

"The interim route is an ideal way of quickly tapping into specific skills and experience. We needed someone for a three month contract, over qualified and over experienced, who could start tomorrow. We needed someone to come in at very short notice to increase marketing investment, prepare a marketing plan, support a change management process and improve communications with existing customers. I wanted someone with a proven track record in this field – who had ideally made some mistakes – and would know where the problems and pitfalls were. Executives Online found me exactly such a person. They understood the urgency and screened candidates for availability. Interviews were conducted and the new interim marketing manager started the following week. The whole process took six days."

Shaun Purrington
Business Development Director, Intrum Justitia

"I found Executives Online on the Internet when I was looking for two supply chain people. I had tried a couple of other consultants but they couldn’t provide me with the people I needed. After a face-to-face meeting with Norrie Johnston, Executive Chairman of Executives Online – during which he took a very detailed brief – Executives Online quickly provided an excellent choice of candidates, so much so that we ended up employing not two but three new members of staff. I have been so impressed with the excellent portfolio and efficiency of Executives Online, that I had no hesitation but go back to them the minute I needed to appoint a Credit Manager."

Mike Vernon
HR Director, HSS

(the UK’s original tool hire company, with over 2000 staff and 400 local branches)

"Unlike some recruitment agencies which employ a scattergun approach, Executives Online's consultants were extremely targeted. They took the time to examine exactly what we needed at the meeting, and then took no time at all to come up with the right people. We were presented with four our five candidates we then narrowed down to two, who then went through to a conference call interview with our HQ in New Zealand. We selected Paul, but either of the candidates could have done the job. It was incredible to be spoilt for choice when we started off wondering if we’d find one person who'd be right."

Vilosh Brito
MD, Information Edge

"A consultant might draw up a great strategic plan, but companies today want more than this, they need someone who can cope with the strategy but even more importantly deliver it too. For that mix of abilities you need interim managers. They are prepared to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in with your management team – not sit on the sidelines giving advice. You can get a senior interim manager, who perfectly matches your business, on board incredibly fast. With interims – from that first call to an interim supply agency, you can have someone through the door, and delivering in a week."

Duncan Sedgwick
CEO, Energy Retail Association

(former Business Transformation Director, Powergen)

"John easily exceeded his brief. His contribution has been enormous and we are pleased to say that we are still in touch on a regular basis."

Ian Nowell
Central Services Director, Age Concern

"We chose the interim management route early on to help us keep pace with our expansion plans. New challenges were on the horizon and we needed additional executive management support, fast. I was pleasantly surprised when a number of highly suitable candidates were proposed [by Executives Online], all within a matter of days. The appointment immediately brought us new momentum and greater focus. We were delighted with Peter's contribution."

David Cole
Managing Director, Buyenergyonline

"Greg brought to The Carphone Warehouse his obvious experience and knowledge which he gladly shared with others. He hit the ground running, quickly putting all the necessary protocols and support systems in place. But more fundamental than this, he gave our team a lot of confidence. At a time when they could have felt under enormous pressure, he made them believe in themselves, and not be intimidated by the challenge. He wasn't cheap but I didn't want cheap, I wanted good – and that's certainly what I got. Companies like ours can't afford to have plans put on hold while we recruit. That's why we went to Executives Online – and once again, in days that had found me just the person I needed."

Attiq Qureshi
Hosting and Support Director, The Carphone Warehouse