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The Myth of the “True” Interim Executive

In the interim management industry there’s a common line of thinking that interim managers have a critical inflection point in their careers, before which they were regular employees, and afterwards they are interim managers forever – “true” interim managers. Observed deviations from this are described as mistakes: The executive found they were mistaken about being ...

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The Power and Limits of Negotiating at the Time of Hire or Engagement

Executives seeking a new role who have made it past the first hurdles of CV, short-list and interview(s) eventually confront the final obstacle: Negotiating an acceptable job offer.

This makes many people nervous, especially those with jobs that don’t regularly involve negotiation.

Experts advise you should be excited to negotiate. If someone is ...

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Wat heeft toptalent in Nederland te zoeken?

Loonkosten en blijvende rigiditeiten in de arbeidsmarkt spelen de Nederlandse economie parten, zo blijkt uit recent onderzoek van het World Economic Forum.

Ambitieuze studenten kiezen voor het buitenland.

Investeringen in het onderwijs blijven uit en het is geen geheim dat de meest intelligente en ambitieuze studenten uitwijken naar een plek waar uitmuntend en elitair onderwijs ...

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De-risking the Hiring Process

Senior Hiring is a risky and expensive business.

The purpose of this blog post is to explore what the key cost drivers are? As it turns out, Senior Hiring is even more expensive than figures suggest. Which presents the question isn’t it better to get it right the first time?

Typically new hires don ...

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In business, as in the rest of life, leadership skills are critical now more than ever.

In business, as in the rest of life, leadership skills are critical now more than ever.

Q. Whew! Recession is over, or is it? Is the economy settled, can we go back to business as normal, employees can get back to work and job-seekers can expect to find more open roles?

A. Maybe if we ...

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Time to appreciate the human (resources) touch

Adrian Furnham is professor of psychology at University College London 

IT IS not hard to take a pop at the human resources function . . . if, of course, it is still called that. Once known as the staff department, the name evolved through personnel and human resources to the current hip jargon: the people department or the ...

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The Global Leadership Crisis Continues … and Damages the Bottom Line

The 2014 Ketchum Leadership Communication Monitor (KLCM) explores the perceptions of over 6,500 people in 13 countries on five continents regarding effective leadership, effective communication and the intrinsic link between the two. At Executives Online we're always interested in global research that explores trends in leadership and management, and in sharing it with ...

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Top 10 European Recruitment Fails

A company’s first international expansion outside its home territory is a milestone event. In many cases, it coincides with a key hire.

Many companies make the international recruitment process harder on themselves than it needs to be, in ways that would be hilarious, if they weren’t so damaging to their prospects in the ...

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Do you run your searches based on exclusivity or with multiple agencies?

In my numerous contacts with my clients there is sometimes a debate on do you engage one agency for your recruitment needs or do you involve multiple agencies at the same time?

Whilst I fully understand from a client perspective to spread the risk and involve more agencies, there is a bigger risk for the ...

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(Hoe) haal ik een interim manager in huis?

Praktijkgerichte antwoorden op bedrijfsvraagstukken

Wat is Interim management?

Interim management is de inzet van een manager die door een organisatie op tijdelijke basis en van buitenaf wordt ingehuurd voor een bepaalde positie, veelal in de hogere regionen van de organisatie. De interim manager is verantwoording schuldig aan de opdrachtgever en veelal bestaat zijn werk uit ...

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