New data has revealed that London’s financial sector created 25 percent more jobs in February than a year ago, with signs that the industry may soon recover from the financial crisis.

After a promising start to the year, 3,220 new jobs were created in February this year, compared to 2,575 new jobs ...

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A survey of over 32,000 banking customers by Ernst and Young has revealed a global increase in banking confidence since last year.  The study, ‘Winning through customer experience’ shows that confidence in the banking industry is once again on the rise with a third of customers world-wide now more confident in the industry compared ...

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A new report has revealed growth for the telecommunications industry is slowing, with the industry’s worldwide revenue due to increase from USD 2.1 trillion in 2014 to USD 2.4 trillion in 2019 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 2.1 percent.

While the industry is still growing, the rate of growth ...

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Risky Business

The City regulators recently handed out a £30.5m fine, the largest retail fine handed down to date. The FCA investigation found some common themes, that I am sure we recognise in the press coverage across the sector:-

  • A pay structure that rewarded staff for the number of products sold, irrespective of whether the customer ...

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Executive search 2.0

Ik las een interessant artikel van Paola van de Velde in De Telegraaf van 13 februari; “Organisaties hanteren  toenemende IQ-testen en assessments tijdens het wervings- en selectieproces. Zo blijkt uit onderzoek van Top Employers Institute onder 500 bedrijven”. (klik hier voor het voor het volledige artikel)  

Dit bevestigt het beeld dat wij binnen Executives Online ...

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Haal het risico  uit uw executive search en selectie met executive-intro™


Hoe baseert  u uw huidige recruitment beslissingen? Op intuïtie, persoonlijkheid, kennis en kunde? Hoe denkt u over  het meten van de geschiktheid voor de rol, of het samenbrengen van al deze sleutelelementen in één systeem?

Met executive-intro™ laten we niets aan het toeval over.

Executives Online is bijzonder verheugd ons uitstekende online platform te ...

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Finance chiefs to ramp up spending and hiring

Top finance chiefs of Britain’s largest companies may be increasing their spending plans into the New Year, in the wake of improved lending conditions and increased market confidence, according to a quarterly survey by Deloitte.

The survey states that bank borrowing is once again the most promising source of finance since the economic crisis ...

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Embargoes and How They Can Make Executive Search Firms Less Effective

The concept of an embargo has its roots in maritime shipping, but it has a modern relevance to the world of recruitment, particularly executive search. When engaging an executive search provider, it's important to understand whether any embargoes are in place, and their scope.

Here’s how an embargo works in executive recruitment:

In ...

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Across all sectors in 2013, requests from Executives Online clients for interim IT project and program managers have surged by more than 50% on last year. The recruitment trade press is presently rife with reports of salaries and day rates finally rising following a long period of stagnation. Interim PMs’ pay rates – which already can ...

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The Debate Over Defining Interim Management

Those not immersed in interim management might be surprised to learn that there’s quite the controversy over its definition. Almost every interim management provider, as well as trade body the Interim Management Association, address the issue via their websites and marketing material and all differ in their opinions.

Most agree on a definition that ...

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