Take your candidates seriously!

So, you apply for a role which you’re absolutely perfect for – of course.  You await the call from the recruitment company and after a couple of weeks begin to wonder why you haven’t heard from them. So you call them.  You’re curious to understand the status of your application.  When you finally manage to speak with a human you hear words that are generic and could be applied to any candidate!  You’ve been rejected from a role that you’re a perfect match for and don’t know why you haven’t move to the next stage.  Or, worse than that, you don’t receive any feedback and are left feeling confused and angry about the time you’ve taken to submit your application and missing out on the perfect job for you.

Sound familiar?

As someone who works in the recruitment business the above message is something I hear on a regular basis.  Why is this?

Why do recruiters handle candidates with such disdain? 

Great candidate care is paramount and I always strive to work to the following standards:

  • Ensure I understand the client’s requirements which allow me to feedback constructively and candidly.
  • Keep candidates informed at every step of the process, even if the news isn’t so good
  • My service to candidates is always courteous
  • I don’t treat them as a commodity


It’s not difficult is it?

In a market where good skills are short your candidates are so important to you and your company.

So, take care of them!




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