executive-intro® - Candidate Evaluation for the 21st Century

  • An end to the stack of indistinguishable CVs
  • An end to 'the candidate looked good on paper, but they bombed in the interviews'
  • An end to making the wrong hire

Executive search with executive-intro

Executives Online has technologically enhanced the executive recruitment process such that it is both nearly risk-free and fully guaranteed.  As we’re dealing with humans, it’s not quite perfection, but it’s 96% of the way there  as 96% of the candidates we place succeed in their first year on the job. 

The technology starts with how candidates are sourced and selected via our talent bank process. It continues via our online candidate engagement process, and extends to how the candidates are presented to you via our executive-intro™ process.  

executive-intro®  not only reduces the work you and your staff must invest in selecting a final candidate, but it also increases the quality of your decisions.

Reducing the Burden of Candidate Evaluations

You engage an executive recruitment firm to save you time, but traditional executive recruitment services place a huge burden on you and your staff in making the final selection. Executives Online eases that burden.

executive-intro® provides you with not just CVs to review, but a complete set of candidate dossiers. The information is compiled based on your specific requirements and is provided to you online, password-protected, and optimized for both desktop and mobile access. In addition, executive-intro™ provides online collaboration tools for exchanging and comparing comments about each candidate.

By assembling such comprehensive and easily compared data about the candidates, you can efficiently identify which candidates you wish to take to the next stage, streamlining your decision process. 

Improving Candidate Evaluation

Assessing candidate personality and cultural fit can be difficult. executive-intro® provides you with candidate personality and style assessments produced via forced-choice methods where the candidate must say that they are one way rather than another. 


Reducing Interviewing Costs

executive-intro® reduces interviewing costs by providing:

  • Detailed information about the candidates allowing you to narrow down on fewer candidates to interview.
  • Recommended interview questions based on the candidate’s self-assessments. This reduces the time you must spend devising good interview questions.


Efficient Collaboration

Everyone on your interviewing team – which includes your Executives Online recruitment director  can share online comments about each candidate, creating a documented, detailed record of the points to consider in making the hiring decision.

executive-intro® Features

Toggle quickly between candidates. 

Review a full candidate dossier.

Get a quick feel for how the candidates rank against each other on salary expectations and the key competencies required.

See the candidate’s photo and a personal introductory video.

Use the McQuaig Institute reports on each candidate to learn about their personality, work style, and cultural fit. Use the McQuaig-suggested interview questions to save time preparing for the interview and to help you develop the most insight-producing interview questions.

Share comments online with your Executives Online recruitment director and your internal interview team.


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The Bottom Line

Executives Online professionalises and optimises executive recruitment like no other executive recruitment firm.  While other recruitment firms can employ recruiters as well-skilled as ours, no other recruitment firm can give their recruiters the high-tech tools we give ours.

Rocket scientists do best when they have rockets to work with.

Executive search isn’t a cheap solution. It’s just a lot less expensive than the cost of the failures that come from not using it.

Save time and money. Make your next hire a success. Contact us today.