The Global Leadership Crisis Continues … and Damages the Bottom Line

The 2014 Ketchum Leadership Communication Monitor (KLCM) explores the perceptions of over 6,500 people in 13 countries on five continents regarding effective leadership, effective communication and the intrinsic link between the two. At Executives Online we're always interested in global research that explores trends in leadership and management, and in sharing it with our stakeholders.

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The survey shows clearly that a global leadership “crisis” stubbornly persists, as consumers continue to be disillusioned with their leaders. Looking at leaders in business, government, community service, trade/labour unions and the not-for-profit sector, only 22% of those surveyed feel leaders are demonstrating effective leadership – down from last year – and even fewer than that are optimistic about seeing any improvement in leadership over the coming year.

Europeans lag the rest of the world in their view of leaders, with only 22 percent of Europeans feeling their leaders are effective communicators, 15 percent viewing them as effective leaders and a mere seven percent believing those leaders take appropriate responsibility.

Proactive steps to reverse the decline in leadership confidence include the deployment of open communication habits, taking decisive action where warranted, and ensuring that leaders’ emit and put forth a personal presence – perhaps by using video more than previously – that helps citizens and customers identify with them.

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