Finance chiefs to ramp up spending and hiring

Top finance chiefs of Britain’s largest companies may be increasing their spending plans into the New Year, in the wake of improved lending conditions and increased market confidence, according to a quarterly survey by Deloitte.

The survey states that bank borrowing is once again the most promising source of finance since the economic crisis reached its peak in 2008. In turn, companies have seen increased investment, hiring and expansion; as a result more CFOs are willing to take financial risk since the crisis began six years ago. Finance chiefs have increased confidence entering into 2014 and are looking to expand over the next few months, and over 60 percent of CFOs surveyed intend to increase staff recruitment next year.

Luke Webber, Finance Practice Director at Executives Online, said: “Senior contacts in the financial sector corroborate the findings of this research with many telling us that they’re looking to increase investment in staffing in the coming months.  It has been predicted that the net employment outlook for the first quarter may see an increase of as much as ten percent as confidence rebounds. 

“Experience tells us that increased business confidence will result in a more buoyant recruitment market, with candidates who had maybe previously decided to stay in a position, now willing or actively looking to move.  This is good news for hirers of course, and means that the ranks of senior financial candidates in our Global Talent Bank will be bolstered even further with experienced and highly sought after candidates.”


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