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“If you don't know where you're going, you might end up somewhere else”

Je kent het misschien helaas wel...een onverwachte afspraak met je direct leidinggevende of je hoofd P&O en je hebt geen idee waar het over gaat..

De volgende dag sta je op straat na een kort gesprek waarin je werd medegedeeld dat je bedrijf moest reorganiseren om financieel niet nog verder in zwaar weer ...

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Wat heeft toptalent in Nederland te zoeken?

Loonkosten en blijvende rigiditeiten in de arbeidsmarkt spelen de Nederlandse economie parten, zo blijkt uit recent onderzoek van het World Economic Forum.

Ambitieuze studenten kiezen voor het buitenland.

Investeringen in het onderwijs blijven uit en het is geen geheim dat de meest intelligente en ambitieuze studenten uitwijken naar een plek waar uitmuntend en elitair onderwijs ...

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Do you run your searches based on exclusivity or with multiple agencies?

In my numerous contacts with my clients there is sometimes a debate on do you engage one agency for your recruitment needs or do you involve multiple agencies at the same time?

Whilst I fully understand from a client perspective to spread the risk and involve more agencies, there is a bigger risk for the ...

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Invest in your relationship with headhunters, and executive search consultants

Whilst I fully understand that Human Resource Directors are being flooded daily with requests from headhunters and agencies to listen to their sales pitch, I think I don’t understand one of the arguments they use to deflect a meeting, ie “let’s talk when I have a vacancy, I don’t have the time ...

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Take your candidates seriously!

So, you apply for a role which you’re absolutely perfect for – of course.  You await the call from the recruitment company and after a couple of weeks begin to wonder why you haven’t heard from them. So you call them.  You’re curious to understand the status of your application.  When you finally ...

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Rejected for the job again, but why…?

Having been an international HR executive for more than 20 years I did probably more than thousand interviews with candidates sitting at the opposite of my desk; one could say I’m slightly experienced in these kind of interviews.

I always have to smile a bit reading the articles on how to prepare for a ...

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Internal or external recruitment?

Internal or external recruitment?

Whenever a vacancy arises in your organization; the question is do you source via your own recruitment department (should you have one) or do you connect with an external agency?

Obviously that decision is depending on the level and required skillset of the candidate you’re looking for.

With an economy that seems to have ...

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Impact of Wrong Hiring Decisions

Having spent almost 25 years in global senior executive Human Resources roles, I was always looking at getting our cost of hire down……..but were we measuring the wrong thing?

Now working on the “other side” as a Managing Partner at Executives Online I have begun to understand that the costs of the wrong hire ...

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How about Manufacturing?

There’s a common belief in the US and Europe that manufacturing is still in a state of decline. Nothing could be further from the truth; there is a massive renaissance in thinking underway, with new design methodologies, rapid prototyping, fast implementation of new manufacturing methodologies, the concept of 3D printing which has gone from ...

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Executive search 2.0

Ik las een interessant artikel van Paola van de Velde in De Telegraaf van 13 februari; “Organisaties hanteren  toenemende IQ-testen en assessments tijdens het wervings- en selectieproces. Zo blijkt uit onderzoek van Top Employers Institute onder 500 bedrijven”. (klik hier voor het voor het volledige artikel)  

Dit bevestigt het beeld dat wij binnen Executives Online ...

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