Technology talent poaching

Technology talent poaching

A policy implemented by Google in 2007 in an attempt to stop Facebook from poaching its top talent “appears to contravene our equal pay for equal performance policy” according to a Google manager.

The technology sector is extremely competitive and individuals with the skills and experience to drive leading edge innovation are highly valuable assets to the key market players.  It is not surprising, therefore, that poaching would be seen as common practice and that companies would attempt to protect their workforces through collaboration.

The policy was put in place when Facebook had just raised $240m from Microsoft having turned down investment from Google, and at a time when a no-hiring pact existed between big Silicon Valley technology companies Apple, Intel, Adobe and Google, but not Facebook.  The pact was part of a legal case currently being fought by employees against the four companies, accusing them of fixing wages and not recruiting each other’s talent.

However, this fast paced industry is attracting increasing numbers of bright young people who are, either working within the many thousands of smaller companies, starting their own enterprises, or contracting, and this talent pool is where the likes of Google and Facebook should be fishing for their next great catches.


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