Do you run your searches based on exclusivity or with multiple agencies?

In my numerous contacts with my clients there is sometimes a debate on do you engage one agency for your recruitment needs or do you involve multiple agencies at the same time?

Whilst I fully understand from a client perspective to spread the risk and involve more agencies, there is a bigger risk for the client in this way of working.

Think about the huge difference in focus and attention that is being paid by the executive searcher to the needs of a client when acting in exclusive mode.

If the executive searcher is the only one involved, there will be more time spent in the early stage of the search process which will increase the success factor enormously. Time is not a restraint at this stage, which it should never be in the beginning process as a failure in this stage will have severe consequences at the end of the search stage, read my earlier blog on the cost of wrong hires…

A thorough understanding of the job requirements, the company culture and the leadership of the company will ensure your searcher looks for suitable candidates that fit these criteria. High quality candidates that will join your company and will stay longer as they are very well briefed and know what to expect.

Time well spent at this stage ensures a process that delivers high quality candidates, meaning both candidate and client are satisfied.

The other advantage for the client is also simple, one focal point of contact, less interruption in your daily activities and the ability to focus on your core business (which in most cases is not recruiting or searching)

Now the other process, you have decided to involve multiple agencies for a search, there are only two major issues that will drive all actions…time and speed.

Not necessarily for you as a client, but the agencies will start shooting CV’s to you as soon as they have returned to their offices as time is the only factor that counts, quantity most likely, quality less so…

Receiving resumes from 2 or 3 agencies with hardly any quality check will bury you with work and at the end of the day leave you frustrated as the quality is typically very poor and does not match your expectations.

Why…? The sooner they deliver you a CV versus the competition the sooner they can send you an invoice and charge you.

Quality of the candidates, accuracy of the intake process, culture, leadership? Who cares…

Looking from the perspective of the candidates; they can be called by 3 agencies for the same job. Painful and very damaging for your employers image in the market – what type of company uses spray and pray when hiring for a critical position?

Would you feel you are being taken seriously when called by 3 recruiters for one job, maybe flattered but on second thoughts I would have reservations about an organization that is searching the market this way, I would feel treated like a number not a person and look at the company as one I may not want to work for.

We, at Executives Online, only work for clients on an exclusivite basis, you now know the reasons why.

We want to protect your brand and image, our brand and image and take care that we approach candidates who match your requirements and expectations and will stay with your company for the long run.

We absolutely realize that executive search is costing you money, we firmly believe however it’s well spent with us, working on an exclusive basis for you to attract the best talent with minimal burden for you and yet maximum results!

Who wants something else….?


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