Invest in your relationship with headhunters, and executive search consultants

Whilst I fully understand that Human Resource Directors are being flooded daily with requests from headhunters and agencies to listen to their sales pitch, I think I don’t understand one of the arguments they use to deflect a meeting, ie “let’s talk when I have a vacancy, I don’t have the time now..”.

Your human capital, your people are your company’s main asset, not anticipating on employees leaving your company or people getting fired or whatever other reason there may be to leave your company, puts you behind those companies that do anticipate on occasions that might happen and by the way in most cases happen unexpectedly.

So, you have a problem because one of your star players just handed in his/her resignation…

What to do? You simply call the same headhunter/agency you always use, since you did not invest any time and effort to build your network of headhunters/agencies.  Perfect, if you are totally happy with the quality they deliver and the fees they charge you, but are you…?

If you are not, you have an issue, both in time and in money. Contacting headhunters and agencies is easy, since they are all over the place and easy to find.  It does however take a lot of your time that you now don’t have, but do need to free up now to select the right one for you and your company.

That suddenly puts a pressure on you as time and money is involved since you have to choose the right provider under pressure of both time and quality (money).

Perhaps I oversimplify, but my view is to anticipate in time on the situations that might (or might not) happen – expect the unexpected and be ready to handle it.  Choosing the right provider for your search when you are not under the pressure of time and money makes your life a lot easier.

Yes, you spend time with them, but at least you choose them without any force. You may never use them, but then again; who knows…..

In my time as an HRD I always spent time with my suppliers, even when I knew I didn’t have an immediate need. It made my life so much easier knowing I was able to switch gears as soon as something happened that was out of my control.

I was able to manage my time in a good and solid manner and time management is giving you peace of mind especially being able to control it well in times of turmoil in your organization.

So, my advice; do spend time with headhunters/agencies that are relevant to your business; be selective of course because you have to be judicious with your time but invest some time to build a relation with providers that may not (yet) be in your inner circle.

They may become very helpful someday, some time.

Oh…and one more thing; I have not even mentioned the occasions as a headhunter that I walked out of the door with the resume of the HRD I just spoke with.   From your perspective it might become very useful to have a large network of searchers and recruiters in your network.

After all, they may very well end up working with you or for you….who knows…?


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